Design Events in 2018 You Should Attend

While 2018 is winding down and there are only a couple of months left there are still plenty of great design conferences that you can catch to check out what your counterparts around the world are being inspired by.  There are house tours, art festivals along with exhibitions that will keep your creative juices flowing.  Here are some design events in 2018 you should attend.

The Salon Art & Design

Taking place at the Park Avenue Armory from the 8-12 of November more than 50 of the greatest designers and galleries get together and display furniture, sculpture and other objets d’art during this four day conference.  There are new and upcoming artists along with antique dealers, the success of this event has been based on the ability to bring in some of the finest exhibitors.  Here designers and vendors are allowed to create a space rather than just bring together items to sell.

Biennale Interieur

Taking place in mid October the Biennale contemporary design event is celebrating it 50th anniversary this year.  The event in Kortrijk, Belgium brings together the most creative designers in the world.  The aim of this festival is to take contemporary design and bring it to the public rather than just industry professionals.  At the time the concept was unique and over the years they have attracted some of the most world renowned designers and huge audiences making this one of the most important conferences in the world of interior design.

Here is a look at past shows to see how innovative they have been.

AIFF: Australian International Furniture Fair

One of the biggest furniture festivals in the world the Australian International Furniture Fair in Melbourne brings together big retail chains along with smaller independent outlets for a three day buying spree.  With more than 300 exhibitors and almost 12,000 visitors it will take the entire three days just to see everything there is.  There are thousands of pieces of furniture and accessories as well as the upcoming new releases.

São Paulo Design Weekend

A four day event that takes place at the end of the summer is a combination of architecture, art and design.  The event in Sao Paulo features local artist and artists from around the world and while it isn’t exclusively about interior design it is still well worth taking in.

These are just some of the design festivals that take place all over the world.   While you may not be able to make all of them but you can get a lot out of a design conference.

Interior Design Conferences in the Pacific Northwest

Interior Design Conferences in the Pacific Northwest

Each area of the country has really developed their own style when it comes to interior design and decorating, and the Pacific Northwest is no exception.  Portland, Seattle and Vancouver have some incredible homegrown talent that have made their mark on the design world.  You can see much of this talent at interior design conferences in the Pacific Northwest, let’s have a look at some of the shows you should check out for inspiration.

Portland Pop Up

At this show you will find some interesting designers selling handcrafted furniture and decorative accessories.  You can purchase some unique items for your own home or for a client’s home.  While here you should take the time to check out Revolution Design House where you can buy handcrafted and sustainable products including candles and light fixtures.

The Maker Exhibit

The Maker Exhibit is a great place for freelance and small startups to showcase their wares.  Here you will find designers and creators of furniture, area rugs and locally made art pieces.  In true Pacific Northwestern style many of the participants try and use sustainable materials like locally sourced timber for the furniture.  Here is an opportunity to make some connections and meet some great designers as well as grabbing some pieces from artists early in their career.

Bellevue Arts Museum

While not a conference per se, the Bellevue Arts Museum has an in-house exhibit called The New Frontier: Young Designer-Makers in the Pacific Northwest that displays designers from Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, Canada.  There are pieces here from Iacoli and McAllister who take functional art and create some exquisite home décor pieces.  There are pieces here as well from Phloem Studio that use raw organic materials and turn into handmade furniture.  There are plenty of local craftsman here to check out.

Abstract Art

Abstract art showcases, obviously, a collection of abstract art from area artists and international galleries.  You can find paintings along with different media.  Artists like Julie Hawkins are featured and you will certainly find inspiration here.

Interior design conference may seem like a waste of time and money but they are actually incredibly valuable.  Even the most talented among us occasionally needs to meet with peers for new ideas and inspiration.  It is a fabulous way to connect with up and coming artists and to find new pieces and ideas for your clients.  Check out some of these conferences and see what is new and exciting in the field.


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